Welcome to my TSCM services website. I am a retired Secret Service Agent and have been providing TSCM services across the United States.

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Counter Surveillance Detection

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Counter Surveillance Detection

Covert Surveillance devices are a dangerous thing and can do a lot of damage to someone’s privacy and sense of security. Our Counter Surveillance Detection specialists understands this, which is why we offer our advanced services to the public. We provide a better services than most any other firm in our industry. We have already helped hundreds of people, now it’s time to let us help you.  No other Counter Surveillance Detection company in the world can claim to have the advanced training, field work, and expertise that the professionals at J.A. LaSorsa and Associates have.

Counter Surveillance Detection
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Don’t settle for a Counter Surveillance Detection specialist who won’t get the job done correctly. Go for the trained professionals who know what they’re doing. Our principal's Secret Service training is why we can offer some of the best Counter Surveillance Detection service in the USA.  In the field of Counter Surveillance Detection, few individuals comes close to our specialists. Counter Surveillance Detection may seem like a difficult line of work, but J.A. LaSorsa and Associates have perfected it to an efficient, effective and timely service the likes of which few others can offer. Don’t trust your privacy with anyone else, contact us now!

Counter Surveillance Detection Services are often conducted because of:

  • Suspicion that business or personal conversations are being intercepted.
  • Suspicion of the existence of a listening device.
  • Noise on the telephone lines.
  • Unsolicited telephone repairman visits.
  • Information leaks.
  • Evidence left behind by burglars/intruders.
  • Domestic or business problems.

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J.A. LaSorsa and Associates provides Counter Surveillance Detection Services based upon the principal's twenty year career, background and experience with the U.S. Secret Service. 

Our Counter Surveillance Detection Services can help with your concern regarding a business, executive residence, corporate apartment, private home or residence, personally owned vehicle, private aircraft, yacht  or even a cell phone  we can perform a professional Counter Surveillance Detection Survey to detect illegal devices. Our TSCM Services can detect and eradicate your exposures, help you regain control and security of your environment and to help you prevent future exposures.

Note: Our Counter Surveillance Detection Services consultants are fluent in Spanish, Arabic and Italian. Please contact us with any questions or comments. You can call us at (888) 831-0809 or email us at info@lasorsa.com.


Contact us Now 888 831-0809 or  info@lasorsa.com.


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Please contact us with any TSCM questions or comments. You can call us at 888 831-0809 or email us at info@lasorsa.com

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